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jmke 1st May 2006 20:23

CPU Heatsink Roundup May 2006
Eight new heatsinks are compared to 21 other air cooling solutions from different manufactures. We have some promising entries from Spire, Aerocool, Scythe, Thermaltake and Tuniq for you today

wutske 1st May 2006 22:04

I'm pretty shure I'm not colorblind, but everytime I read this:

Yellow box = Sonata II White Dot = dBA meter
I start to doubt about that :) .
I only see a green box and a blue dot :d

jmke 1st May 2006 22:16

I'm color dyslectic :) will fix it , thanks;)

Mailok 21st May 2006 16:25

Hi! I had read your review but I'd like to know your opinion about changing an arctic freezer 64 pro with a si-120 to lower some degrees in an opteron 165 overclocked cpu. Now I am in 50-51 degrees on the pro 64, i'd like to lower a few degrees more, do you suggest me the si-120 ? Thanks!

jmke 21st May 2006 16:44

I would advice against it, waste of money in my humble opinion since you already have a high end heatsink. Dropping a few degrees won't make your PC run faster; and if you rely on such a small margin for finding a stable overclock you would have an unstable PC whenever the room temperature fluctuates.

Rutar 21st May 2006 17:37

I'd post the whole system, especially case airflow and overclocks ect.

there might be another spot for a good ugrade

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