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jmke 8th March 2006 10:18

CPU cooler roundup April
- Spire DiamondCool II - tested
- Spire VertiCool II - tested
- Arctic Cooling Alpine 64 - tested
- Thermalright Mini-Typhoon - tested
- Tuniq Tower 120 - tested
- Scythe Mine - tested
- Aerocool Dominator - tested
- Scythe Katana CU - tested

CPU Heatsink Roundup May 2006

jmke 8th March 2006 10:35

if there are other worthy CPU heatsinks (that fit S939) you want to see included and who are not already on my tested list, please let me know;

I've got a request pending for Asus Silent Square, but it's not in yet

trickson 27th March 2006 17:20

I have one .
How about the tuniq tower 120?
Very impresive CPU HSF in my humble opinion!

jmke 28th March 2006 18:02

fired off an email for that cooler way back in December last year, last I heard they were verifying the "shipping address" , I've send them an email for update; one way or another, my aim is to test that cooler either in this roundup or the next.

Renamed the title; as March deadline is too close:)

edit: posted to soon-they'll be sending out one Tuniq Tower 120 ASAP :super:

jmke 5th April 2006 17:52

Tuniq arrived, party complete :super:

trickson 5th April 2006 21:05

Way cool !! now lets see if you get the same results as I have with mine . :^D :hello:

jmke 10th April 2006 08:30

3/8 done; had a busy weekend with RL stuff; hope to finish the other 5 this week

trickson 11th April 2006 00:29

I can hardly wait!! :ws:

TooNice 16th April 2006 11:36

I have an interest to the Scythe Mine.

Looking forward to this round up :D

Rutar 29th April 2006 19:36

yep, the Scythe Mine is interesting because it did beat the Ninia in a review with a silent cooler which is desperatly needed against the Tuniq

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