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jmke 29th January 2004 21:29

Corsair TwinX PC4400 Dual Channel Memory Review
We test the highest rated Corsair memory currently available!


Corsair Micro has released what is currently the fastest DDR on the market. Their Twin-X4400 (DDR550) is ideally suited for Canterwood based 875 chipset platforms. We test them on a battery of motherboards to find out how far this memory can push your system!

Unregistered 4th February 2004 20:50

this PC4400 is crap

Unregistered 4th February 2004 20:54

sorry, I didnt know I can post without being registered. So, I have
-1GB of PC4400 Platinum
-4PCA3+ rev 2.0 FSB 321 benchable, 300FSB 2xprime95 stable
-2.4C L319 capable of 4GHz on air. (334x12) - screenshot only, 3,6GHz @1,52v
-Antec 1080 case 430W truepower
- crap vid. card

This memory gave me nothing but problems. 1:1 I cannot run it more than 265 FSB. 5:4 is unstable at almost all frequencies. 3:2 ofcourse is running OK just to 300FSB. Over that, errors. With my "crappy" PC2100 samsung chips I can take to FSB 321MHz 3:2, and do all set of benches (I did not try 3D): PCmark, Sandra, Super PI, PiFast.

dioSRL 4th February 2004 21:09

OK, I am back and registered. hello Liquid3D :) Nice job. But that corsair man.. I have to test it more. Maybe with no PAT.. dunno.. I will get 2-3 other boards to put it in. I cant believe how bad can perform. Or it's my mobo, I am trully pissed off. Since I will clarify this matter, I am staying with the sycron pc2100 mem witch allowes me - check attach(3:2 divider).

What should I do to run at least 5:4? This is no memory, the ONLY GOOD MEMORY for 865/875P is with BH-5 or BH-6 chips.

jmke 4th February 2004 21:15


Originally posted by Unregistered
this PC4400 is crap
great arguments!

the advantage of having higher rated speed memory is due to the 1:1 and the ability to run PAT at high speeds on HQ mobo's.

5:4 with memory running very tight timings will indeed equal this performance, but the amount of sticks available who are rated PC3200+ and able to do CL2 2-2-5 is diminishing, the new CH-x is improving though (check OCZ PC3700 rev2 for example) the Hynix chips are know for very high FSB but high timings.

it depends on your mobo & cpu to decide if this memory can serve you, if your CPU or mobo can't get to an FSB of 275+ then consider memory with lower speed and tighter timings

dioSRL 4th February 2004 21:20

CH... dunno, they dont like very often high FSB..


it depends on your mobo & cpu to decide if this memory can serve you, if your CPU or mobo can't get to an FSB of 275+ then consider memory with lower speed and tighter timings
THIS IS THE PROBLEM, my CPU can get me to 3850MHz, my mobo is passing benchmarks at FSB 321MHz and combined with THIS PC4400 I cant do nothing of the above.

jmke 17th March 2004 12:44

321Mhz in 1:1 ?

320 Mhz 5:4 != 320 Mhz 1:1

the boards I tested could go close to 300Mhz in 5:4 with this memory, but had problems reaching 270Mhz in 1:1.

it's the motherboard . the only verified motherboards for these high rated sticks are Asus P4C800-E Delux v1.2 and the latest DFI i875 mobo

dioSRL 17th March 2004 14:14

now I know, but still.. I have problems in 5:4 also, so I dont think it's the board. With different memory I go to 300MHz.. but with those only to 250-260 so it MUST be the memory :)

Unfortunately I dont have it anymore for further testing..

jmke 17th March 2004 14:25

if you find the ram not performing up to its rated speeds you can always contact Corsair support, their after sales support is very good.

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