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jmke 27th September 2003 01:17

Corsair TwinX 4000 vs OCZ Gold 4000
Liquid3D shares his experiences with OCZ and Corsair's PC4000 memory modules


A simple and to the point review. Sandra memory benchmarks will be used MAX-3 version and WCPUID for verification purposes. Which one comes out on top?

Unregistered 24th December 2003 20:12

nice review but I think it would have been nicer had you included a test with the OCZ memory at 2.5 CAS. Isnt' that what the Gold edition supports? Some site have got that memory down to 2.0 CAS (Not at 250mhz, however). Bottom line; we all know that memory timings can significantly affect the performance and thus should be tested as well.

The Senile Doctor 25th December 2003 06:22

the matter of realworld performance with faster timings has NOT been clarified in my humble opinion...
I still do NOT believe lowering timings does not speed up the pc, just look at what richbastard got

fast timings AND 5:4 divider at fast timings are both faster then slow timings at 1:1

this needs to be clarified once and for all...
we all need to know in an extensive way with multiple tests

jmke 25th December 2003 09:49

the problem is that there are not enough ramchips out there that can do CL2 2-2-5, even at 200Mhz :-/

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