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jmke 14th November 2006 15:00

Corsair HX 620W Power Supply Review
Corsair has ventured even further away from their home range landing in the middle of Power Supply territory. Their initial offering´s are well constructed and feature one of the best modular cable systems seen to date. Today we have the opportunity to test their CMPSU-620HX modular PSU

SuAside 15th November 2006 15:48

compared to the competition (in the same pricerange), it does have rather small sinks, doesn't it?

jmke 16th November 2006 10:28

I've been going through the review again, especially the noise section; from the different readings, a max. difference between idle/load of ~3dBA is hardly a noticeable increase.

thus I've altered the final conclusion, stating that the unit indeed, quiet thanks to the use of a larger 120mm fan.

Carni4 16th November 2006 15:27

I bought this PSU about a month ago together with a Antec P180B and it's great. The corsair fits the antec like a glove.
I don't have the latest hardware, so i don't get it to load fully. I just love the fact that it only blows cold air out :D

It also come with that cool bag for your modular cables. The bag is great for your toothbrush and stuff when you go to a LAN ;)

EsaT 16th November 2006 18:45


Originally posted by SuAside
compared to the competition (in the same pricerange), it does have rather small sinks, doesn't it?
Compared to plain aluminum plates in FSP (Fortron) Epsilon 600W/700W (same design also in OCZ GameXstream) heatsinks used by Seasonic are big.
Remember that efficiency is factor determining what amount of cooling capacity (=size of heatsinks and/or amount of airflow) is required.

And despite of three (virtual) 12V rails in sticker there's two of them at most on PCB and there aren't any current limiting devices in those meaning it works as single 12V line PSU.
Markings for two 12V lines on PCB are there because originally Seasonic's aim was design with current limited rails (/or came from design of original S12 serie) but they took notice of possible problems with power hungry components and left current limiting out but so that it could be added to PSU if customer wants.

Same Seasonic's design is used also in PC P&C Silencer 750W. Determining this similarity should be easy to do by comparing innards where only bigger difference is heatsinks optimized for different airflow: 10 11

As for noise these tests aren't enough for fully determining that, even that second test rig peaks under 400W and that's just where fan speed would start to increase more, at least that Silencer might start getting towards noisy end of scale at higher loads because 80mm fans can't move so much air without lot of RPMs which makes higher pitched more disturbing noise than 12cm fans.

Torture test (emphasis on torture) of same design in Seasonic's own brand PSU can be found here:

Sidney 16th November 2006 19:24

I wish I had a load tester.

jmke 16th November 2006 19:50

apparently, they are quite costly :)

his setup

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