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Massman 27th February 2009 19:59

Core i7 965 - Subzero testing
Hi everybody!

I've been testing my 965 / GTX295 setup today. Here are some pics and results:

Testing will be continued this night :D

Kougar 28th February 2009 00:08

If you are doing subzero... don't forget IntelBurn! :D I don't remember anyone using that before for subzero OCing...?

jmke 28th February 2009 14:48

IntelBurn is not a benchmark proggy AFAIk, no scores to be had; and testing for stability on subzero... for benchmark runs? don't see the point :D

Kougar 1st March 2009 02:09

Heh, I guess I just don't see the point of overclocking if it isn't stable. What's the big deal if some site reaches 6.5GHz and can run some programs. It wouldn't be stable and therefore doesn't mean anything, at least in my view.

Now 6.5GHz that was fully stable and could run anything as if it was at stock, that'd mean something.

Massman 1st March 2009 09:44

No, not really; you can be on LN2 24/7 so at one point, it would stop functioning correctly.

jmke 1st March 2009 09:57


Originally Posted by Kougar (Post 232222)
Heh, I guess I just don't see the point of overclocking if it isn't stable.

agreed with you on that for daily usage; I run my main system at stock speeds;)
I rather have extra stability than a few extra Mhz. But there are kinds of overclocking and the goals are different. Subzero OC is all about maximum scores; not stability.

Water/Aircooling setup is more about 24/7 stability

leeghoofd 1st March 2009 18:15

I really thought you were pulling our legs Cougar with that IBT remark... seems you weren't :

Some pointers :

IBT used under 64bit OS is sort of a reliable CPU tester, under 32bit it just is not. I've seen it more than once, it's not the absolute Testing tool, far from...
IBT doesn't test Nb and subsystem enough to warrant stability ( although some of the programmers want to argue with me on that point for sure )

I can be a 30 run IBt max memory stable and then prime95 Blend crashes under 10 minutes or one of my folding cores errors : You want to know their reply, you need to run IBT longer... First it was 10-20 passes is enough , now we hear even 50+ runs is normal...

50+ Runs that's total punishment on ya hardware, as it pushes ya CPU temps through the roof... are high temps a better sign of a better testing environment : ABSOLUTELY NOT !!

You got 2 kinds of OC'ing : users getting more out of their hardware, to save money (instead of buying that high end CPU or GPU,...) and get better performance : users like you

And there are The Die Hards Record Seeking I Don't Care If It Break Guys, that use anything else than air or water, on anything they can get their hands on... This to get the best score out of the selected tests on eg HWBOT... They don't care if the rig Bluescreens after a new record of superpi and the score is already validated in a screenshot. They got the(ir) best score... that's what counts for them.

Hope you understand now, if you look for stability in a cpu-z suicide shot, I can tell you already it took them mostly quite some time and tweaking to get there but the rig will just be stable to get that screenshot , prolly nothing more nothing less...

Small example : my E7400

Stable 4Ghz 1.31 Air
Stable 4.2Ghz 1.4 Water
Stable 4.8Ghz Phase
Stable 5-5.2 Ghz Cascade
Max CPU-Z 5.7Ghz

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