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jmke 20th March 2009 10:38

Coolermaster V8 CPU Cooler Tested
Coolermaster's latest heatsink is inspired by the car industry no doubt, the V8 features 6 U formed heat pipes, 4 of them dissipate heat to a large tower-style fins collection, while the remaining two heat pipes are connected to two separate sets of heatsinks on the outside of the main towers. The Hyper 212 released earlier last year was result from research by Coolermaster EU, the V8 is result from research by Coolermaster USA; which one will come out on top? Both feature 120mm fan support so it will be an interesting comparo!

Installation is very solid, no push-pins here, but metal mounting bracket with metal back plate which is fastened from the bottom of the motherboard, this heatsink won't come off accidentally, which is good to know since it weighs in close to 870gram!

Performance comparison next, GLobalWin NCB as well as the stock 120mm fan were included, the Hyper 212 was thrown into the mix:

The Hyper 212 is about ~4C better when both heatsinks are equipped with the reference NCB fan. The Hyper 212 has a slightly larger footprint as the V8 but weighs ~150gram less. Overall the V8 is a fancy looking heatsink which did pretty good; more detail results in our full review coming soon!

jmke 3rd May 2009 21:02

Full review out now!

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