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RichBa5tard 14th September 2003 01:30

Coolermaster Q Alloy Keyboard (EAK-US1)

For those who are tired of space-hogging desktop keyboards which are packed with multimedia keys you never use, Coolermaster has released a stylish solution. After using the Coolermaster Q Alloy keyboard - a notebook-sized, sleek aluminium keyboard - you'll throw your old one in the garbage and never look back.

jmke 14th September 2003 01:59

great review, nice benchmarks :)

Unregistered 14th September 2003 19:26

If you like a laptop-feel keyboard this is probably a decent choice, though I have a Thinkpad too and I far prefer the layout of the Coolermaster.

My favorite mini keyboard is a desktop-style, the Adesso MCK-86. It's got a similar layour for the cursor and page keys, and follows a minimalist design for the rest. Gamers won't like the lack of a keypad or keypad emulation, I suppose, but I'll happily give that up for the simplicity of the Adesso design. Rather than trying to emulate the "missing" keypad keys, it simply leaves the duplicates off. There's nothing missing that you actually need, but there's only one set of numeric keys, one set of arrow keys, and no num-lock.

Macmadd 15th September 2003 03:06

Nice keyboard but can you overclock it? LOL

jmke 15th September 2003 12:33

up the voltage on the PS/2 port :)

Unregistered 5th November 2003 21:16

My question is as follows:

Can I connect this keyboard on PS2 port with some special connection? The normal USB-PS2 converter doesn't work ok. I need to know if it is possible connect this keyboard on ps2 because I have two computers and the keyboard must be connected in ps2 switch. Thanks.

Unregistered 15th November 2003 13:18

My laptop at home uses the same placement for the extra keys (pg up, pg down, home, insert, ...) and I can't say I'm happy with that placement. When typing it happend more then one time that i pressed the pg up when pressing enter and ****ing up entire lines of text. Style is one thing but being user friendly is another and i prefer the last one over the first one.

But it's probably just a matter of taste.

Fraeco 15th November 2003 13:21

Fraeco daarboven, vergeten in te loggen :s

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