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RichBa5tard 17th September 2003 04:49

CoolerMaster Jet 7 Heatsink
CoolerMaster's latest radial fan is a real eye-catcher... check it out. :)


With the newly released Jet 7 CoolerMaster further explores the world of radial fan heatsinks. There latest, the Aero 7, was a success. The Jet 7 has a bigger fan, but a cheaper heatsink. Does it manage to keep up the good name of it's older brother?

jmke 17th September 2003 07:38

great review , would be interesting to see how much the retail price will be, if it's lower then the aero7 it might be a good deal though

Bosw8er 17th September 2003 08:38

Great article, love the noise ranking score :D

RichBa5tard 17th September 2003 11:47

thanks :)

Here's another article:

Different conclusion though, they claim lapping the heatsink helps alot. I must say the bottom seems to have a perfect finish to me. A shame I haven't got much time to lap it, otherwise i'd update the article. Oh well, maybe tomorrow.

By the way, how do you guys find my reviewing style? Personally, i hate unnecesary chit chat. I just want to show an interesting graph at wich readers can make their own conclusion at the glance of an eye. The verdict is summed up in one sentence for each subtest, ideal for the lazy internet generation. :)

deronny 17th September 2003 12:47

i see that leaving early yesterday has payed off :)

biCker 19th September 2003 00:34

writing is great, personally I lose my attention when something takes too long to read/work and skip to the next part...

I think many people have the same attitude!

vegeta 19th September 2003 00:57

now i have the intention to be a lazy bum by just reading the verdicts :D
btw:love idea of the verdicts
keep up the good work ;)

RichBa5tard 19th September 2003 01:02


Originally posted by vegeta
now i have the intention to be a lazy bum by just reading the verdicts :D
good, that's what they're for ;)

jmke 19th September 2003 01:08

to the point articles/reviews are the best ! :super:

Unregistered 24th September 2003 17:36

gutted... got an Aero 7+ running at min on a 2500+ Athlon... hoped that the Jet 7 would be an improvement, obviously not...

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