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jmke 21st March 2004 19:03

Cool-Cases CF1 microstructure water block review


I thoroughly tested this block several times, and this review ended up taking three days. I positioned, and re-positioned the TTF-103 thermistor at least 15x, to ensure optimal contact was achieved. I'm very impressed with, I can honestly say they may be the most innovative H20 PC-cooling company out there.

Unregistered 22nd March 2004 15:10

Hmmm, the recent savage criticism seems to have done some good. This article was much more coherent, the language less florid, and the grammar more natural. With a bit more practice and an actual editor, you could build a good reputation.

Seti isn't a good load program, though. It's too dependent of what work unit you're crunching. Toast is good choice; Robert Redelmeier's cpuburn suite is a timeless classic.

If you can, pick up a type-T thermocouple thermometer. The accuracy is great over the temperature range we use and the responsiveness of the smaller probes is amazing. Omega Engineering is an excellent brand.

Keep at it.

jmke 22nd March 2004 15:12

"and an actual editor"

care to elaborate on that one mr. X ?

Unregistered 24th March 2004 23:18

The article's tagged with Liquid as both Author and Editor, implying there was no one to say, "That sentence sucks, maybe you should re-arrange it like this..." or "Dude! This bit rocks; it deserves a whole paragraph" or "I'll publish after you scrub my laundry." :)

The Inquirer likes to linq to your board; you should get some tips from Mageek on editing english-for-the-mutlilingual. He definitly knows how it's done.

kristos 24th March 2004 23:41

Speed-Strip SSA-1
The SSA-1 unlocks multiplier's 5x - 12.5x on specific AMD Barton, and most Thoroughbred CPU's, via the simple application of a strip to the back of the processor.

Hm I checked that site out but I don't get all that German:
this "speedstrip" also work for the locked barton's week 40 and up?
I'd think not conciddering what they had to go through before to get these proc's unlocked but then what do I know :)

jmke 25th March 2004 09:03

"The article's tagged with Liquid as both Author and Editor"

an error on the coding part of the site, should be fixed soon, editor would be /me. But I'm no linguist :)

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