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jmke 28th November 2003 17:03

Chenbro Gaming Bomb Case
Piotke vs the "Ugly" Case


We were offered to take a closer look at the Gaming Bomb Case from Chenbro, the design is unusual and might not appeal to everyone. One of our reviewers stated on our forums that he found the case ugly and unappealing. So we gave him the task of reviewing his "favourite" case, the ultimate test for both sides. Will this case please our reviewer? Or will he keep his negative view on it. Read on to find out!

quarantaine 28th November 2003 22:02

i got a couple of questions about the case.

can you place an 120mm fan at the front? i mean if you drill some extra holes or so (without removing the front bracket)

is it moddable? leftpanel removable or not? room for watercooling? ;)

piotke 29th November 2003 08:11

*room for watercooling ?
--> will fit

*front 120 mm fan ?
-->After some drilling, yes, haven't seen anything that could bother it...

* left panel removable
--> pain in the ***, namely revetten...

IKilledMyAGOIA 17th February 2004 07:10

looks like something alienware would use :p like their ugly-mod of the chieftech

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