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jmke 15th March 2003 14:27

Catalyst 3.2 Drivers


ATI recently released new Catalyst drivers. One of you readers ran a couple of benchmarks on his Radeon 9000 and shares his experiences!

:king: @ A-star!

AchMalAch 15th March 2003 17:19

Voor diegenen die een 9500 hebben, die moeten ns gaan kijken op de site beschreven door de softmod review van RB, daar kunt ge nu met die nieuw drivers ook een file dl'en dat 9500->9800 doet.:o

jmke 16th March 2003 00:23

removed offtopic posts! :)

DUR0N 16th March 2003 09:00

nice one A-star :)

A-star 17th March 2003 09:24

Thanks Guys.
It was my pleasure

The Senile Doctor 21st March 2003 11:34

It turns out that these drivers arenít quite the drivers we were expecting (the 3.2 driver was submitted for WHQL certification back in February), but this driver does offer official support for the RADEON 9800 PRO. In a sign of the CATALYST teamís dedication however, hints have been dropped that the upcoming CATALYST 3.3 driver will offer substantial performance gains for existing RADEON 9700 users. Weíll just have to wait and see if those reports hold true, today weíre here to evaluate CATALYST 3.2.

jmke 21st March 2003 12:14


Originally posted by calantak
It turns out that these drivers arenít quite the drivers we were expecting .
uhm they do exactly what they promise, increase stability & quality :)

The Senile Doctor 21st March 2003 14:40

this was taken from firingsquad, not my words

jmke 21st March 2003 15:16

[ qoute ]


jmke 27th April 2003 21:37

3.3 vs 3.2

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