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jmke 11th March 2004 23:00

Case Master V828 ´FireBird` Server Case Review


Case Master is a new company ready to make a name for themselves in the enthousiast market. Can the FireBird server case help them on their way? Let´s find out.

jmke 11th March 2004 23:03

Resellers in .BE

PCPartner Antwerpen
Duggal computers Oostende
Compushop infoquis
Computerparts Deinze & Lede
Wallabie computers Mechelen
Lingier computers Oostende
PCPro Avelgem

TeuS 12th March 2004 07:07

how tall is the case?

great review, those case master's seem to be very nice but they have to learn from their mistakes. too bad there's no removable mobo tray and components like the extra side panel and sliding rails aren't so good.

it's a great case, if I want to put my PC in a case again (some day) I'll consider this case. another thing: is it possible to watercool it? the pump can be placed above the floppy disks, but I don't really see a place where I can place a 2*120mm radiator

another thing: there's some space between the top of the motherboard and the PSU

definately easier then a chieftec because there's no room between the mobo and the metal above. that makes the installation of coolers (with a clip) much easier. I've installed a Zalman flower heatsink in a friend's maxi case and the fins touched the metal above the mainboard

I'll keep an eye on their series of cases :)

jmke 12th March 2004 09:08

"and components like the extra side panel and sliding rails aren't so good."

are you kidding me? those are great features, installation of hard drives and cdroms was never so easy.

"how tall is the case?"

I'll measure it when I'm back @ home :)

"is it possible to watercool it?"

if you sacrifice one CDROM spot for placement of your 1x120mm rad. or you can mod the front and place it there.

[Bonbon] 12th March 2004 10:07

cool review jmke

the only thing i miss is a clear picture of the left side from a distant like 2 or 3 meters .

edit : must buy goggles , there is such a picture , great :)

edit 2; the picture in your post above the mine is fine

Unregistered 18th March 2004 13:34

where can i get this case in the US?

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