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jmke 11th March 2005 16:36

Building a Silent Air Cooled System
Tired of those whining fans, want some peace and quiet when starting your PC? Read on to find out how you silence your system without turning it into a small oven....

petervandamned 11th March 2005 16:53

nice one !
Good review, Good subject

Sidney 11th March 2005 16:54

What I've gathered after reading the article:

1) Case exhaust is vital.
2)There are other heat generating components in a PC other than CPU and Graphic card we commonly talk about.
3) Good CPU cooling is only part of the equation.

Using sound meter is the best for sound evaluation; because some people just couldn't hear much of anything ;)

BugMeNot 12th March 2005 02:44

cool and quiet
You should probably have made a temperature target for each component.
Obviously a lower temp is always better (unless you are keeping your coffee warm on your case), but if the CPU can live forever at 70 degrees it wouldn't matter what temp you got as long as you didn't go over that max temp.
That said bearings would be the only thing that would be hard to nail down. I would suggest putting in a buffer temp into the bios to save the cpu.
The best thing would be to have a PSU that keeps running even when the mobo powers down.
Also, BTX should solve many cooling problems by using less fans.

Sidney 12th March 2005 06:09


Also, BTX should solve many cooling problems by using less fans.
Let's "hope" so. ;)

BTX is focusing on CPU cooling from front inlet via duct work. I have not seen HDD cooling solutions in BTX. CPU will only be made cooler not hotter would be the better solution.

Gamer 12th March 2005 07:59

good work there.

SuAside 12th March 2005 17:44


wtf is upwith the NSYNC pics? finally showing your true nature jmke? ^^

jmke 12th March 2005 23:13

actually I added it to please you:p

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