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jmke 12th May 2004 00:10

Battle of the Titans III:Cooler Master Hyper6 vs SP-94
The heavy weight from Cooler Master steps into the ring; shall it rock? does it rule?


The new heatsink from Cooler Master is put against the current top P4 heatsink; Will the Hyper6 go directly for the kill, or does the SP-94 put up a good fight? Find out in this review.

L'intro par PCInpact!


A peine six mois depuis notre dernier article consacré aux "titans du refroidissement" et nous voilà de retour ! Depuis que le ThermalRight SP-94 a obtenu le titre de meilleur radiateur, nombre de créations ont vu le jour dans l’espoir de détrôner notre champion mais bien que certains s’en soient approchés, comme l’AeroCool DP-102 ou le TTIC NPH-101, aucun ne fut réellement capable de battre le leader de ThermalRight.

Lors du CeBit de cette année, beaucoup de produits furent présentés dont un a attiré notre regard, un imposant dissipateur de chez CoolerMaster accompagné de 6 heat-pipes et pesant la bagatelle de près de 1 kg. Ce monstre semblait avoir tout le potentiel nécessaire à la compétition, et aujourd’hui c’est avec chance que nous l’accueillons pour notre série de tests. Son nom : l’Hyper6
C'est pas mal! :)

Sidney 12th May 2004 00:29

Off the topic: The pictures are in excellent quality and sharp.

jmke 12th May 2004 00:31

thanks! almost getting used to my new digicam :)
did you check my Hyper6 wallpaper? :)

bruno77 12th May 2004 06:30

They should have tested the sp-94 with the vantec tornado 92mm and Delta 92mm before saying that hyper6 is the best cooling solution. I'm sure they'd change their opinion. ;)

jmke 12th May 2004 07:05

apples with apples.

If I hook 2x Tornado fans to the Hyper6 it will best the SP-94 with 92mm Delta :)

piotke 12th May 2004 07:32

1 kg is just insane....

not that long ago people complained about the +500g slk's...

Sarcastro 12th May 2004 09:44


Originally posted by piotke
1 kg is just insane....

I really think thats too heavy to. Not the weight as is, but the height. There will be a lot more force if the cooler is higher than if it half height. Results are impressive, but I would only dare to use one in a desktop case.

Unregistered 12th May 2004 10:44

Replace the fan by 2 papst aund you will have the most efficient + quiet air cooling system

jmke 12th May 2004 12:49

More Hyper6 reviews here

nintari 12th May 2004 13:32

I had done a review on this heatsink too and had found that at low speeds the fan seemed to cause a lot of noise. Hard to explaiin until you try it with another fan. Could you tunr off other fans in your system and see if you get the same result?

I just want to see if it is that way on all of these or if they did a last minute revision on the fan. I have only seen two other places report the same noise so it could have been a bad batch of fans.

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