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jmke 18th November 2003 21:11

Battle of the Titans II: Swiftech MCX478-V vs Thermalright SP-94
Want to cool that Pentium 4 CPU to the max? We tell you which heatsink is best suited when it comes to aircooling!


Little over a year ago we put Swiftech´s greatest against Alpha´s best. The MCX4000 vs PAL8942 review is more then a year old. And it is time again to find out who´s the king of the Pentium 4 aircoolers.

jakkerd 19th November 2003 01:12

haven't finished reading yet, but
"Their most recent addition to the family is the SP-94, aimed at the extreme air-cooling fanatics out there, sporting 2 heat pipes that increase their efficiency as the CPU heat output goes upwards."

2 heat pipes? i'm counting 3, or am i missing something?

jmke 19th November 2003 07:47

I never passed my math exams.. sorry, fixed now :)

FreeStyler 19th November 2003 09:37

As long as you remember that a zalman at high makes a tenth of the noise of a tornado fan.
The CNPS 7000-a still gets my marker.

Unregistered 19th November 2003 20:29

As always, the comparison to the intel stock heatsink is missing :(

The Senile Doctor 19th November 2003 20:33

that is probably sth we should include :)

jmke 19th November 2003 21:45

I'll see what I can do, as soon as my test-rig is back up and running I'll put the standard intel cooler on.. don't be surprised if we see temps way over 50°C.

Unregistered 20th November 2003 00:07

Nice article but with all heat sink reviews some do compare it to the Intel stock heat sink and some don’t. I have 2 x P4, room temp 23 c

Unit 1 is a 2.66 GHz std Intel heat sink case temp 32c load 38c idle 25c.

Unit 2 is 3 GHz case temp 34c load temp 60 c idle temp 48c it has lintels high performance heat sink (copper base and aluminum fins ) with fresh air duct connected with out the air duct load temp was 66 to deg C my north bridge temp is 59 c MB is MSI 865 neo2.

Unit 1 is a very quiet machine unit 2 u can hear the stock fan screaming from 15 meters away before the air duct was installed I don’t have any case fans installed all I have done is swapped my side panels around so the vent are at the top.

RichBa5tard 20th November 2003 08:40

Nice idea, but it's almost impossible to compare to "the" intel stock cooler. I've had 4 stock coolers so far, and although they were (almost) alsways for the same model, the heatsink was completely different (2 with good heatsink and silent fan, 2 with crappy heatsink and strong fan).

jmke 20th November 2003 12:59

Spotted the SP-94 in .BE for €66 !

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