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jmke 26th November 2003 15:04

ATI Catalyst Driver Comparison 3.x
A-star pulled it off! Great job matey!


We take the last 6 ATI Catalyst driver releases for a spin on a Radeon 9600 Pro, using a wide range of benchmark programs and games we try to find out which one gives you the best performance. 10 Benchmarks, 3 resolutions, 6 drivers, 180 results sorted for your viewing pleasure!

Unregistered 26th November 2003 15:51

is need for speed still buggy in the 3.9 drivers?
cause it sure is in the 3.6 & 3.8 .

, a fan

A-star 26th November 2003 15:54

Well actually I can not give you an advise on that.
I don't play nfs, and I didn't test it also.

jmke 26th November 2003 17:18

I play NFS with 3.9 and a R9700Pro without problems

the maniak 26th November 2003 17:35

I still got the 3.6 and with motion blur on, the frame rate drops like hell on my 9500 PRO

think i need to install the 3.9

[Bonbon] 26th November 2003 18:23

i have got a 9600 pro ,
installed the 3.9 catalysts
still got probs :
(look a bit like the xp bug in gta3 , my os is win200 sp4 btw)

[Bonbon] 26th November 2003 18:23

and between races etc :

jmke 26th November 2003 18:27

got XP SP1 + DX9.1b + 3.9 , no bugs
check your driver quality settings, but them all to default.

Unregistered 26th November 2003 19:26

you should also test omega drivers

jmke 26th November 2003 19:36

180 was a nice number don't you think ;)
rule of thumb for the omega drivers: more features, more quality/performance options, at default same performance, at highest quality setttings a little slower then catalyst @ high settings, due to the omega upping the bar a nudge higher.

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