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jmke 11th October 2004 16:56

Athlon 64 3200+ 90nm (S939) - The next P4 2.4 "C" ?
Combining affordable pricings, good overclockability, top level performance and the ability to keep things cool is what we enthusiasts pursue in our quests to build high performance computers. Does the new S939 3200+ 0.09 have these attributes? Find out as we compare it to an expensive FX53, a cheaper S754 3400+ and a mid-range S939 3500+ CPU.

agent #2 11th October 2004 17:06

When available in BE? :D

Sidney 11th October 2004 17:22

Very well articulated article;)

JNav89GT 11th October 2004 17:37

thanks :)
was by far the most demanding article done to date for me. The data collection was about exhausting lol. In the end though it was well worth it and I hope those who had been waiting for it to come out are happy. I know I was recieving alot of PM's regarding this article as I had wetted a few appetite with teaser benches etc....
Thanks Jmke :)!

macachia 11th October 2004 18:52

hi, when u were ocking at 250mhz, the ram were 1:1 ?

excellent mem results :) i have the same 250mhz fsb setup and can only get a mem benchmar of 66xx

any tricks? :)


jmke 11th October 2004 19:01

Hi there,

ram was at 1:1 in all tests except for the S754 platform where a divider was used. The PC3700 can clock up to 265Mhz without problem, check the review of that OCZ memory here:

JNav89GT 11th October 2004 19:17

yes memory was at 1:1
cas 2.5 3:3:8 I believe. Depending on your mhz will help/hurt your memory bandwidth. If your at say 2.2ghz and 250mhz you will lose about 200-300mb/sec.
Also make sure 1T is enabled or 2T in bios is Disabled which should force 1T then depending on your board etc...

jmke 11th October 2004 19:21

what the OC performance gain between 1T <> 2T in your testing? I suppose you can clock higher with 2T ?

JNav89GT 11th October 2004 19:27

2T is horrible to performance. So much so I don't use it at all costs. That has been my experience anyway.
I would rather use on my 754 setup ram at 333 divider and 250HTT at final ram speed of DDR416/208mhz at tight timings and 1T vs same timings(if it was possible) at 1:1 250 and 2T.

eva2000 11th October 2004 19:38

seems this was a let down in comparison of the s754 system


S754 Memory: Testing at 200 MHz HTT used ram speed of DDR400 for PC3200 Speeds. Testing at 250 MHz HTT used ram speed in bios of DDR333, which after HTT is overclocked produces ram speed of 208mhz or DDR416.
would love to see s754 system with 250mhz 1:1 :)

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