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leeghoofd 22nd June 2009 17:44

12gb up next ( looking for trouble :p )

Massman 22nd June 2009 18:16

How much tweaking involved?

leeghoofd 22nd June 2009 18:57

not much, TRFC 100 and some looser sub timings.

Massman 22nd June 2009 19:14

For 226MHz bclk?

TRCF > 100 is ... well :-/

leeghoofd 22nd June 2009 19:32

I was talking about the 12Gb runs, 90 TRFC was an instant freeze (mind you it's the Blades together with the Corsair dominators) Back to back is at 10 for all runs, 8 is doable but is still not 100% stable.

Also I'm still on the H50 unit which is quite good for normal ops and OC's. If I hook it up to the high end watercooling kit or phase I can get higher for sure... but for a mATX mobo not bad at all... it just needs some ram fixes

For the 226Bclock I need to be over 110 PCI-E otherwise Pi freezes on me

Will game some on it this evening to see if remains stable with 12Gb...

leeghoofd 27th June 2009 19:46

Tested Max ram speed with the Blades (at 1.65Vdimm) Trfc 90, B2B 12

A whopping 2200mhz :)

Massman 27th June 2009 19:55

Good cpu!

Massman 27th June 2009 23:23

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leeghoofd 27th June 2009 23:46

Now you can write the text too :p

Massman 28th June 2009 10:45

working on it

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