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jmke 10th May 2009 13:16

looks like quality and easy mounting system for the HSF:)

Massman 10th May 2009 13:28

This board also has s775 mounting holes, by the way :-)

Massman 11th May 2009 09:43

Since increasing the back-to-back cas delay timing is a real performance killer AND it's apparently possible to get this timing to run at AUTO on other asus motherboards, I asked Asus if it's fixable.

By the way: the Vqpi/dram isn't very stable on this motherboard. When 1.5v is set in the bios, the bios measurement tool gives me values in between 1.488v and 1.541v, which is WAY too much.

Massman 12th May 2009 21:25

Update: I contactad Asus for more information on the timing and Vqpi issue.

leeghoofd 16th May 2009 08:32

Any updates Massie on the matter... will start the tests on thursday (woman permitting :p)

Massman 16th May 2009 10:26

Nope, haven't had any feedback on this topic.

leeghoofd 10th June 2009 11:26

New Bios 0809

1. Support OC station
2. Improve memory compatibility
3. Supported EIST function when CPU ratio is in manual mode
4. Fix Vista loading slowly if use over 3GB RAM

Maybe that fixes it; I need my blades to test 2000mhz C7 :p

Massman 10th June 2009 11:31

Always free to pick 'em up :-)

leeghoofd 21st June 2009 18:51

Having a hard time getting 200Bclock 2000mhz ram Hyperpi stable 32M ( HT on) I seem to cap at 1995 Ram and 3980 Uncore with 167Bclock...

QPI has to be at 1.5 region for 4000mhz uncore to be stable... gonna try latest bios to see if resolves anything

leeghoofd 22nd June 2009 17:44

Max stable Bclock is 226, 227 boots, no prob but can't pass Pi 32M

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