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Massman 9th May 2009 20:29

Asus Rampage II Gene at MADSHRIMPS
Board just arrived this afternoon, haven't had the time to make any pictures yet (but still to follow), because I wanted to quick-test the board for it's overclockability.

200/2000 doesn't work, as with most motherboards, straight out-of-the-box so more tweaking is necessary.

NOTE: Vqpi swings between 1.4 and 1.45 when set at 1.4v. Bios problem or board problem or maybe something else?

Massman 9th May 2009 21:23

Vqpi isn't bios-related, so probably board-related, which isn't good.

I'm in need of 1.5v (bios) to run Uncore at 4GHz 32M stable, which is about 0.1v more than I need on the DFI. Quite a significant difference!

Triple channel 1GHz CL7 with 1.65v seems véry unstable: 2M runs fluently, but crashes already at 4M loop1. In single/dual channel, I don't notice too much issue :)

leeghoofd 9th May 2009 22:27

upped IOH voltages ? seems to do the trick on the RE II

Back to I7 roundup and looking after some double performanc on the Asrock lol.... need to get at least 6500 points for 3dmark at 280FSB I'm maxing at 4.3K lol (but shite 4:3 divider)

Massman 9th May 2009 22:56

Yes, briefly, but no improvement on the stability.

I was able to run 32M with triple channel just a few minutes ago, but after reboot, same 4M issue :-/

Massman 10th May 2009 00:01

After some tweaking, I seem to have gotten the same level of stability again: 32M ran perfectly. For future reference, these are the settings I used and that were stable:

Ai Overclock Tuner : Manual
Oc From Cpu Levet Up : Auto
Oc From Memory Level Up : Auto
CPU ratio setting : 20
CPU turbo power power limit: disabled

CPU configuration :
--------------------------- :
C1E support : disabled
Hardware prefetcher: enabled
Adjacent Cache Line Prefetch: enabled
Intel virtualization tech: disabled
Cpu TM function : disabled
Execute disable bit : disabled
intel HT technolgy: disabled
Active provessor cores: all
A20M: disabled
Intel C-state tech: disabled

bclk frequency: 200
pcie frequency: 100
dram frequency: DDR3-2005MHz
uclk frequency: 4009MHz
qpi link data rate: 7218MT/s

DRAM Timing Control

CAS# latency : : 7
RAS# to CAS# delay : : 8
RAS# PRE time : 7
RAS# ACT time : AUTO
RAS# to RAS# delay : AUTO
REF cycle time : AUTO
WRITE recovery time : AUTO
READ to PRE time : AUTO
Back-to-back CAS delay: AUTO

DRAM Timing mode: 1N
DRAM Round Trip Latency on CHA: Delay 1 clock
DRAM Round Trip Latency on CHB: Delay 1 clock
DRAM Round Trip Latency on CHC: Delay 1 clock

WRITE to READ delay(DD) : AUTO
WRITE to READ delay(DR) : AUTO
WRITE to READ delay(SR) : AUTO
READ to WRITE delay(DD) : AUTO
READ to WRITE delay(DR) : AUTO
READ to WRITE delay(SR) : AUTO
READ to READ delay(DD) : AUTO
READ to READ delay(DR) : AUTO
READ to READ delay(SR) : AUTO

EPU II phase control : full phase
CPU Load-line calibration : Enabled
CPU differential amplitude: AUTO
NB OCP: enabled
DRAM OCP: enabled

Extreme OV: disabled

CPU Voltage : 1.38125v
CPU PLL voltage : AUTO
QPI/DRAM Core voltage: 1.5v
IOH Voltage: AUTO
IOH PCIe Voltage: AUTO
ICH Voltage: AUTO
ICH PCIe Voltage: AUTO

DRAM bus voltage : 1.65681v

DRAM Ref Voltages
Data Ref voltage on CHA: auto
Ctrl Ref voltage on CHA: auto
Data Ref voltage on CHB: auto
Ctrl Ref voltage on CHB: auto
Data Ref voltage on CHC: +75.0mV
Ctrl Ref voltage on CHC: +62.5mV

CPU spread spectrum: disabled
PCIE spread spectrum: disabled
CPU Clock Skew: Delay 200ps
IOH Clock Skew: Delay 100ps

leeghoofd 10th May 2009 00:15

So messing with the ref volts on Channel C did the trick ? Never messed with those before, it seems you are never too old to learn :p

Are those settings Hyperpi 32M stable ?

Massman 10th May 2009 10:12

I don't know what fixes the issue, because after a reboot, the 32M stable settings are again 4M unstable. I presume it's some kind of timing I set to AUTO that has to be configured right

Massman 10th May 2009 10:35

Found the setting that's making my system stable:

Back-to-back CAS delay: 12

All other tested settings are back to auto :)

Massman 10th May 2009 11:10

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Massman 10th May 2009 12:20

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