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Massman 1st May 2009 11:18

Asus M3A78-T and Phenom II X3 720BE
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This motherboard has been on the pile of 'to-test' for quite some time now, but this week, I had the time (and the courage) to open the box and compare it to the Dfi Lanparty DK 790GX and Foxconn A7DA-S.

Since the normal test procedures are finished, I'm switching from my old 9950BE to the newer 720BE for some overclocking.

More to follow.

Massman 1st May 2009 11:19

First problems already start to pop up: I'm unable to boot with a divider higher than 533MHz, whereas this was no issue with the 9950.

Something memory controller related? We'll keep you updated!

jmke 1st May 2009 11:24

what happened to the fan clips :)

Massman 1st May 2009 11:27

I just don't use them :p

Massman 1st May 2009 12:08

Some updates on the divider problem.

At first, I thought it may have something to do with the onboard gpu, the HD3300, using the sideport memory. I tried again with a different external videocard, the 9500GT, but the 667MHz divider did not work either. So, it's not the IGP.

Secondly, I thought it may be a memory bank issue, so I switched memory to the two black slots. But again, the 667MHz divider did not work.

I also tried the 800MHz divider, but ... no succes :(

Massman 1st May 2009 16:31

The problem seems to be memory-related. With the Crucials I'm able to work with divider 800 :)

jmke 1st May 2009 19:12

what were you using before?

Massman 1st May 2009 19:15

GSKill F2-8500CL5S-1GBPK x 2

jmke 1st May 2009 19:19

That shouldn't happen, that GSKILL kit in ON the compatibility list


G.SKILL F2-8500CL5S-1GBPK DDR2 1066
1024MB DS Heat-Sink
5-5-5-15 N/A V V V
for this motherboard , time to fire off an email to asus and gskill :)

Massman 1st May 2009 19:47

I may have made a little mistake :-)

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