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jmke 17th August 2007 09:59

ASRock ConRoe 1333-DVI/H and Intel E2140 Budget System Review
Today, we take a look at ASRock's latest ConRoe-1333-DVI/H micro ATX board aimed at the budget minded and put in the lowest priced Intel Pentium Dual-Core E2140 for a test drive. Hopefully, we can get some free performance by overclocking!

Sidney 19th August 2007 03:45

I have no question that this E2140 will hit 400FSB or 3.2Ghz. 355 is the max as PCIe bus speed is now at 122, vcore fefault. At 123, the SATA HDD is lost.

Sidney 19th August 2007 23:55

Did not quite like the S-bridge passive heatsink getting as high as >54C, the N-bridge is okay at ~45-48C. I added my own specially wired 2x 40x10mm ~5,000 rpm to a single 4-pin molex on them.:)

jmke 20th August 2007 10:26

Same 40mm that comes with Chill Vent?

Sidney 20th August 2007 14:48


jmke 20th August 2007 15:10

silent then :D

Sidney 20th August 2007 15:24

Read ION HTPC case review on sound test ;)

smilingcrow 26th August 2007 18:16

I was interested to read about the method of pin modding the E2140; any chance of loading a photo to the forums? There are loads of photos of people using a conductive pen but this mod is unusual. Cheers.

Sidney 26th August 2007 18:30

Sure thing, will post them on upcoming E4400 review in a few days.:)

Sidney 27th August 2007 07:18

Here we go:)
sorry for one of them is out of focus slightly.

1066 FSB mod

Alum foil folded back to HS

1.4 Volt mod with two pieces of alum foil

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