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jmke 11th September 2007 19:59

ASRock 4Core 1333-eSATA2 R5.0 Intel P31 Motherboard Review
ASRock introduces another new board 4Core 1333-eSATA2 using the newly released Intel P31 chipset in succession only days after the release of 4Core 1333-Viiv P965 main board. Can this board outperform and beat the P965 in performance and price? Let's find out.

Nessmaster 11th September 2007 21:51

You just love ASRock boards, don't you jmke? :) But I gata say, they are cheap and work well.

jmke 11th September 2007 23:03

Sidney is doing an excellent job at covering these ASRock boards, features, performance, overclocking and value, surely gives you an idea what they are capable of, what you can expect for your money; which is more than I thought, overclocking is almost complete with addition of vcore control:)

Sidney 12th September 2007 17:59

Ty, :)

If you don't already know, enabling Intel SpeedStep in BIOS and the use of Notebook Hardware Control set to Dynamic switching, OC'ed system runs at a low of 6x multi to CPU default saving a few dollars on electricity.

Sidney 13th November 2007 16:31

Bios version P1.2 and 1.1 support Yorkfield 45nm Penryn. But, there won't be much OCing, 366FSB is max'ed out.

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