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jmke 11th November 2003 11:14

asetek WaterChill Cooling KIT - KT03-L20
Me and TerAngreal take the latest watercooling kit from asetek for a spin.


Asetek, known for their VapoChill product line-up, is diving into the water cooling bussines with their WaterChill all-in-one good-to-go kit. We take it for a spin on a Pentium 4 and AMD setup and see how it performs.

expect an update soon with some alternative testing methods & setups :grin:

easypanic 22nd November 2003 21:14

eum, is it me or is the cpu block ,with the Intel test, upside/down?

Doesn't Asetek recommend installation with outlet on the top?

don't shoot me if i'm wrong :)

jmke 23rd November 2003 01:35

Installed it exactly the same as stated in the manual...

easypanic 23rd November 2003 09:36

I was misled by this picture then :)


Unregistered 24th January 2004 10:25

where can i get the asetek WaterChill Cooling KIT - KT03-L20 ?

jmke 24th January 2004 12:53

resale points can be found here

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