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jmke 25th April 2004 18:34

Arctic Cooling Super Silent 4Pro L
LazyMan pits this Super Silent cooling up against his Intel retail cooler


Arctic Cooling received thumbs up with VGA Silencer from every product review, and the product lines covering CPU, VGA coolers, fans and thermal pastes are distributed by SCYTHE world wide. We are taking a closer look at the Super Silent 4Pro L CPU cooler aimed at Socket 478 application. The all aluminum is rare for a new cooler as many have migrated into all copper or aluminum/copper hybrid.

Sidney 29th April 2004 00:44

When you put the New Intel Copper base HSF with only 30C rise above ambient at 100 Watts, it stands at mid-range. It comes free of charge.

The best air cooling with howling fan only at 22C above ambient. The rest of the story is how good the case ventilation.

Really come down to it:
1) noise level
2) 0.20 C/W is really the bench mark
3) water cooling MIGHT get a couple C reduction further.

Good living is simple living.

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