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jmke 18th June 2002 11:46

Aopen GF4 Ti4200 Review
Aopen latest Geforce 4 reviewed by our very own Shrimper: Einstein. A nice performance and feature overview of this powerbeast!

The Senile Doctor 18th June 2002 12:00

nicely written review but...

there's one big flaw, just make the math...

you have a 187 mhz cpu overclock(that's like a 1800+->2100+ so an enormous increase) giving you 730 points increase...
and a 35 mhz gpu/40mhz ram OC gets you 510 points! so for a minor graficcard overclock you get 510 points...

also your comparison table is not perfected, you need to compare the 11*133/gpu-non-OC to the 11*133/gpu-oc, and the 11*150/gpu-non-oc to the 11*150 gpu-oc...

totally gpu dominated.... and that's not what einstein says...

jmke 18th June 2002 12:14

when using lower CPU speed, the impact of change in CPU is higher then GPU
when pushing to the max (+2ghz) the difference becomes smaller and eventually only a higher GPU will give you higher increases
but when using a "slower" CPU, any increase will show "dramatical" improvement

Had the same experience with a Duron 700, clocking the Duron to 1ghz gave a much higher increase then upping the Ti500 to the max

Bosw8er 18th June 2002 13:41

[H]ardNews 1st Edition Tuesday June 18, 2002
Posted by Steve 6:17 AM (CDT)

MadShrimps Do Video:
You be mad too if people were constantly cleaning out your poop line before they boiled you ( little shrimp humor there ), but in between all that, the fellas managed to get a GeForce4 Ti4200 review done. Here’s a direct quote:

....the TI 4200 is the best budget card ever seen. Aopen can make graphic cards, and tough they aren't the fastest and don't have an insane amount of features, they give the performance that you expect of any TI 4200 card

Don’t ask me…I just quote it, not write it.

jmke 18th June 2002 13:56

l33t pimpin from me won't you say? :grr:

Anthroplast 18th June 2002 15:26

and how much did that cost you? :D

jmke 18th June 2002 15:33

Hardware Reviews [09:44 AM EDT (Blue) June 18, 2002] - Post a Comment

Aopen GeForce4 Ti4200 Video Card on MadShrimps.

jmke 18th June 2002 16:54

Mad Shrimps an interesting name for a website shares his thoughts on the AOpen GeForce 4 Ti4200 video card. Does AOpen have a winner? Or is just another product tossed into the mixing pot of video cards? Here are some words from Einstein, the author:

Gamer 18th June 2002 17:34

We need more reviews like that :)

TerAngreal 18th June 2002 17:43

nice work doeds :super:

i'm still planning on doing that soundcard - comparision ... although these soundcards are a bit aged by now :/

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