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jmke 8th December 2003 20:40

Aopen 300Watt PSU - The Modded Version
Piotke takes a flashy AOpen PSU for a spin


Last week I got a call from a friend. His PSU was too loud, so I planned to do something about it.
I went to the local hardware shop, and they pointed me towards an Aopen 300Watt PSU. (FSP300-60PN) Sounds like an ordinary PSU ? Take a look at what I got !

Da_BoKa 8th December 2003 22:00

i have an aopen 350watt, maybe i can test it like piotke and post it here, it will be more, how should i say it?

less difference between 300watt and 360 watt

and alsow i have a 9800 vidcard so i can stress it harder

btw is the cpu overclocked at the time of testing?

piotke 8th December 2003 22:25

dlt3c @ 2.0 Ghz @ 1.5 Vcore :)

Da_BoKa 8th December 2003 22:41

owkay, will test it @ 2 ghz but not today, it will be tomorrow and the day after

FreeStyler 9th December 2003 10:14

The fact that the PSU won't fit isn't the PSU's fault, but the case. The standard mounting method for ATX should have the fan pointed down. All cases I know of (chieftec, CF-matrix, Aopen, lian-li, ...) use this method. It's wierd yours doesn't.

Da_BoKa 13th December 2003 23:27

her it is

it's tested with an duron applebred 1.6 @ 2.2 GHZ with 1.85 voltage

( in bios 1.9 but my motherboard undervoltages a bit :( )

the test excisted out: downloading and uploading + 3dmark 03

piotke 14th December 2003 09:49

hmm, you clearly stressed th e PSU more then I did:

11.61 on de 12 V...

Da_BoKa 14th December 2003 10:17

but if you look to the highest readout, it's only 11.73 on het 12v

that ain't so good i believe

does anyone know if the aopen psu have rheostats to adjust the voltlines??

Vulk 14th December 2003 11:28

I think not, only the more expensive psu's.

piotke 14th December 2003 11:49


Originally posted by Vulk
I think not, only the more expensive psu's.
I don't call 45 for a 300 watt PSU cheap

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