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Antec Overture - Desktop Case Art Antec Overture - Desktop Case Art
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Antec Overture - Desktop Case Art
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Old 12th April 2004, 18:06   #11
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check my review of the this case (link in first post)
cutting a hole above the CPU in this case makes a difference
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Old 29th April 2004, 03:17   #12
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When I first saw this case I knew I had to have it. Here's what I put in it: Asus A7n8x Delux rev2, Barton 2800+ running at 3200+ 200 fsb, 2 256 Corsair XMS DDR400 running dual channel, 200 GB maxtor and 2 120 GB SATA drives as a 240 GB raid array, Audigy 2 and NEC DVD burner. The only way to get it to work was with an Exos water cooling system which brings up a question, I'm still getting lockups that I know is from the chipset as the cpu and case temps are below 35C. I have a chipset cooler but I can't get the stock heat sink off the MB chipset. I'm almost to the point of breaking the board trying to twist it off. Does anyone have any idea on how to get it off.
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Old 29th April 2004, 11:15   #13
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you need to take the mainboard out. on the back of the board, the black mounting pins of the NB cooler stick out. take pliers and push the black thingies together. they will slightly retreat

the NB heatsink will loose its grip on the NB and you can pull it off then
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Old 22nd May 2004, 07:35   #14
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I've also noticed that Antec's Overture Case has major heat issues.

i have a couple of ideas on how to cool the unit.

I haven't started modification yet since I don't have the tools, but I will post what success I have with it tomorrow.

Basically I will try the following ideas:
1. cut a square hole on the bottom of the case just in front of the hdd area. This hole cannot be seen and will serve as an air intake point. The legs of the case should be tall enough to allow air to flow beneath the case. (unless the case is on carpeting).

2. i will cut a rectangular hole in the back of the case above the input/outpud device connectors. The case has an imprinted 5.25" bay. Although it isn't a bay, the imprint matches a bay 5.25" size. I'm gonna cut this metal out and either weld or epoxy a 5.25" hdd cooler front piece that would fit into this hole. Basically the hdd cooler is 3 small fans. These fans will be pushing air out. I could optionally make a ducting to force the air around the cpu to leave through the 3 small fans.

3. Reverse the P/S fan. (i had no idea until I read your posts that it was actually blowing air into the case. I thought it was blowing it out) WHAT A POOR DESIGN!

4. Leave open unused PCI Slots open so air may enter.

This system should be cool. It will blow air of the case from 3 controlled systems... first from Antec's Original Back Fan, second from the Power Supply that is reversed, thirdly from the 5.25" bay size modified hole fitted with a 5.25" bay size hdd cooler (3 set fan connected to a perforated face plate).

Air intake points will be the new hole in the base in front of the hdd area, small holes in antec's case design near the edges, pci slots that are vacant.

If it still needs more help, then I will put a 5.25" hdd cooler cage and set it up so it blows air in through one of the cdrom bays. (this would make 3 inlets systems which matches 3 outlet systems)

But I believe 3 outlet systems and 2 inlet systems should be enough.
In theory, if you assume air is an ideal gas and you assume that the fans are strong enough to cause a differential of pressure. the inside of the case would become less pressurized than the outside (since there is more air being forced out than being able to come back in).

Does this lowers the pressure.

since v1=v2
P1/T1 = P2/ T2

P1 is lowered to P2.
Therefore T1 must be lowered to T2 to maintain the equilibrium.

Therefore, in making these moderate assumptions, one sees that if there is less pressure inside the case, it would lower the temperature than if the pressure was constant. so if the fans were that strong, it would be "better" or "acceptable" to have less intake systems.

However, the case fans are probably not this powerful. If there was a pressure differential, it would force the fans to work harder and it would push less air out. Therefore the fans would not work as well if there were not enough intake systems.

So I guess we need to make sure there is enough intake, to match the exhaust.

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