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jmke 31st March 2003 11:22

Antec Lanboy Case Review


In the past Antec cases were known for its sturdy structure and great features, but they weren't the smallest ones around & surely not the lighest either. They still remain first class in the midi/maxi towers, but now they also have a new product up their sleeve for the LANparty folk. Aptly named the "Antec Lanboy", ultra-light and packed with nifty features. We test its portability, easy of use and of course the performance.

Bosw8er 31st March 2003 11:28

Quality of reviews keeps rising ... every time.

Great work as usual !

jmke 31st March 2003 11:37

We aim to please :)

silencer 3rd September 2003 13:57

they now providing thumbscrews. instead of normal screws.

And it is a very nice case. Very light.

jmke 3rd September 2003 17:43

I bought it 2 months ago and it still had the normal screws, but good to know they've changed!

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