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jmke 3rd January 2004 19:42

Intel timings explored a bit here: 0

quarantaine 3rd January 2004 22:35

bought mushkin pc3500 lvl 2 a while ago (2*256Mb) and it never worked good. (max stable +- 180)
i have lately seen people that have also troubles getting there fsb above 200mhz.
and my geil did +- 210 stable on the same board (till it was broke)

that sucks tbh , you buy seriously expensive ram and the performance goes down.
the question for me is know, downgrade on ram or upgrade on board(that dfi infinity looks cool) . damnit, oc'ing sometimes does suck ;) (and is expensive)

Xploited Titan 4th January 2004 09:22

I got 2*512Mo DC BH-5 memory (I'm still waiting for my CPU however)...

But like the P4 setup, I shouldn't assume that the 2-2-2-11 timings are the fastest in Dual Channel, or did I understand wrong?

cR00zIFI><3r 4th January 2004 13:11

I've found a little error in the article:


The CPU was running at 2.2GHz (10 * 200 fsb), with the memory on a 1:1 divider. Meaning it was running also on 200 Mhz = synchronous.
10*200 != 2200

I have 2*256MB TwinMos pc3200 (BH-5) and an epox 8RDA+
Would 2-2-2-11 still be better than 2-2-2-5 in Dual Channel, or would it be different?

piotke 4th January 2004 13:57


Originally posted by cR00zIFI&gt;&lt;3r
I've found a little error in the article:
10*200 != 2200

edited, thanks

Xploited Titan 4th January 2004 14:16


Originally posted by koensa
ras to cas is most imprortant mem speed factor,then CAS.

i've run 2 2 2 5 dcddr and 2 2 2 11dcddr,and sisoft gave me a 110mb increase
11 is ONLY!faster on nforceČ platform.

What do you mean? is 2-2-2-11 DC still faster than 2-2-2-5 DC?

jmke 4th January 2004 14:21


jmke 4th January 2004 14:54

thread title

"AMD nForce2 memory timings explored"


teki 4th January 2004 15:42

One more little question regarding a P4 setup:
I have 2*256 pc3200 ram running with a p4 2.6c

it currently runs smooth @231Fsb BUT! it is on a 5/4 divider, so the memory runs only @ 180fsb, however: when i place it higher for exampe on 240/190 something craps out immediately, is it the cheap ram? or a crappy p4c? mobo is Richbastards p4p800vm which ran over 300fsb so that shouldn't be a problem
PSU is only 365watt however...

jmke 4th January 2004 16:12


ram should be able to run @ 200Mhz with "normal" timings

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