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jmke 3rd January 2004 16:27

AMD nForce2 memory timings explored
Piotke clears the confusion that might be there with memory timings on your nForce2 setup


A couple of days ago, I read on a Dutch forum a question concerning AMD timings. This week I saw almost the same question on our forums. It was a question about the fastest memory timings for an AMD nForce2 setup. Nobody could give a clear answer, so started to test the most common used timings... Here are the results you´ve always wanted to know!

teki 3rd January 2004 17:55

Now u got the hardware, might it be possible to test those 2-2-5 / 2-2-11 on your p4 system.
I wonder what the difference is compared to my 2.5-3-3-7 settings
this is the best my apacer pc3200 can handle.

It's almost impossible to get 50b chips in standard belgian shops.
Went to tones/forcom/digita/pcpartner and comtechnology but they only sell 50D

The Senile Doctor 3rd January 2004 18:03

piotke will be getting a p4 cpu soon, so we'll get a follow up on that soon enough...

jmke 3rd January 2004 18:03

the 2-2-11 will only perform better on a nForce2 setup

for the P4 lower timings = better

piotke 3rd January 2004 18:05

I allready have a p4 setup right now, but only one stick of BH5, so no dual channel..

I intend to buy 2 sticks of mushkin memory BH5, not sure yet :)

jmke 3rd January 2004 18:09

you can do the test in SC, but 2-2-5 will outperform 2-2-8 (max value I think, no 11 available)

The Senile Doctor 3rd January 2004 19:04

sc is not an option for comparison on a dual channel setup... you can never extrapolate the difference in single channel towards dual channel

jmke 3rd January 2004 19:14

only nForce2 shows increased performance with 2-2-11 as stated before. 2-2-8 on Intel will be slower then 2-2-5.

teki 3rd January 2004 19:35

will the difference between 2-2-2-5 and 2.5-3-3-7 on an Intel rig be comparable with the difference on and amd rig?
Because the difference between them is =~ 430 3dmarks and it seems like everyone is selling their oc memory at this moment, so for a very small price, my rig could be running a lot faster and more stable than with this crappy apacer ram.

The Senile Doctor 3rd January 2004 19:42

you could get an increase of some percents, however... in realworld applications you won't notice anything...

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