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jmke 7th January 2004 12:51

AMD Aircooling - Heatsink roundup 2003


We go for silent! The average AMD setup still sounds like a jet taking off. Swiftech, Thermalright and other heatsink manufacturers are trying their best to provide us with a silent solution to cool these hot potatoes. Do they succeed? And which one does it best?

piotke 7th January 2004 13:43

looking good !

any idea where the sp97 can be bought ?

wutske 7th January 2004 14:00


This heatsink produces 72Watt at default speeds and voltage
A heatsink producing heat :o . CPU would love it :^D I think is has to be CPU or Core, not ? ;)

jmke 7th January 2004 15:36

fixed! thanks :)


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