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jmke 18th March 2003 21:59

Aircooling @ the MAX, Performance & Silence Tested


Looking for the ultimate aircooling ? Want to push more then 1.85v through that Athlon XP core and still have headroom for overclocking? Or looking for a very silent solution to keep it all cool and safe?
Look no further, we test ThermalRight's SLK900U and compare it to its older brother the SLK800. And for reference we also include the popular Alpha PAL8045 and the Swiftech 462-A!

thanks again TerAngreal for the great support during testing & the great write-up afterwards!

Bosw8er 18th March 2003 22:36


VERY usefull, it contains all the important info needed AND keeping it short enough


jakkerd 18th March 2003 23:31

excellent article

Da`Hitch 18th March 2003 23:57


Released on 23 december 2000, this big shiny bastard still stands its ground as one of the better aircooling solutions on the market. It's no more then normal that Swiftech brought out a new revision of this product (the MCX462). Interesting fact: this was the first heatsink ever which fitted both on AMD and PIV mainboards.
Am I really just stupid or is the date mistaken??
I don't remember seeing any PIV's around in the year 2000. :-)

jmke 19th March 2003 00:11

correct as can be!


Dec 23, 2000 product introduction - Updated May 3, 2001

MC462 for AMD Socket A and IntelŪ PentiumŪ 4

TerAngreal 19th March 2003 11:34

thanks for the feedback guys!

@ D@ Hitch:
Intel's "history of innovations" places the Pentium IV processor in the year 2000 as well ... that does not imply it was available on the open market at that time yet, but it sure means there had to be an Intel reference board for the Pentium IV.

The Senile Doctor 19th March 2003 11:38

hmm, very curious towards the update... will the slk900 overtake when used with a 92mm fan??

TerAngreal 19th March 2003 12:05

my guess: yes, it will ... but only by a mere 1°C or so

an 80mm fan just doesn't cool down the entire SLK900, where it does for the SLK800

Devil's Prophet 19th March 2003 12:44

I'm happy to see that my (and other's) SLK800 is still on a rampage ! :D

And with 1 or 2 casefans placed in a real position as they would be put when in a case, the SLK800 would really outperform the SLK900, because the it blocks the airflow by having upwards-pointing fins. (casefan not like in the article, in the article the fan emulates a double/triple-fanned psu imo, not a rear casefan :))

Soit, glad to hear my baby still r0x. =)

Very nice review btw, except for some "then<=>than" mistakes it's luvly !

Btw: I'm getting fairly high temps imo, I'll explain my situation in full detail:

Chieftec DX-01BD:
* intake: 2x 80mm Enermax@low-speed (NGML or equivalent kinda airflow)
* exhaust: 2x 80mm Papst NGML
* Enermax 350W, autotemp, 92mm intake, 80mm exhaust, replaced (enermax-fans = noisy) by 80mm NGML and 92mm NGL, which equals an 80mm NGM in airflow (tested on the "feeling" on my old AT-psu testbank =))
* SLK800 with 80mm Papst NG, fins pointing to my exhaust casefans
* AMD Duron (morgan) 1GHz@1215MHz(9x135) 1.91vcore, AS3 of course

These are the temps I'm getting: Fairly idle, just browsing, trillian, winamp, yada yada, the usual stuff

Ambient is always around 21°C, thus proving the tempsensor n°1 as being errorous. (most of the time it reads 19 to 20°C)

/mod: Getting 46°C or even 47°C as full-stressed temp is not rare. ( client = fully stressed)

Gamer 19th March 2003 18:23

nice work.

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