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jmke 3rd April 2003 00:14

Aguatec Blue Ice CP-102 aka Water-X


Having read nothing but bad things about this cooler, I was bound to find out if it was true. My local HW store informed me they had them in stock. So out I went and got this gruesome duo. Water/Aircooled Heatsink Action ahead...

TeuS 3rd April 2003 00:26

this kind of watercooling isn't really good at all... if you want some decent performance, at least a 80mm heatsink/fan and a cupper base are needed

this low-quality unit already costs quite much (60$ in US) so the price of a decent one would go up real quickly

jakkerd 3rd April 2003 02:45

suckiest cooler ever :)

DUR0N 3rd April 2003 12:33

the idea is good, but the lack of real life expience of the designers drowned the cat.

they need a copper base, a larger radiator and a bigger fan (some of those outer-ring mechanism thingies)

jmke 3rd April 2003 12:42

TMD fans like the one I had on the Swiftech :)

nrc42o 14th April 2003 02:11

water-x aka crap.
I can't beleave I wasted my money on this.. my bad should of read the reviews first.

the main problem with this is the lack of air flow and water circulation. you can add a 2nd fan on top this helps out.
i'm working on finding a way to add more water and a 2nd reservoir.

jmke 14th April 2003 08:42

If I were you I would try to sell the unit & get yourself a small working watercooling kit :)

thermaltake / poseidon or other. We have a roundup @ [M] with 3 of those kits, should be finished this week!

illusion 5th May 2003 14:27

1 addition: alu + cu doesn't give corrosion as long as alu and cu don't touch eatchother. So, when there is something like a pvc or silicone tube in between, there will be no corrosion.

when the 2 do touch eatchother, problems will arrise.

(i discussed this with a professional "sanitair-guy" and my father in law who knows almost everything about installing water/heat/airco systems).

TeuS 5th May 2003 14:38

I thought the water transports ions, and so it starts breaking down the softest material of them?

illusion 5th May 2003 14:40

i thought so as well, but it seems it doesn't when there is no fysical contact between two sorts of metal.

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