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DUR0N 15th December 2002 11:34

ActiveCool AC4G review
Howdy people, this is my first review for [M]adshrimps, and its going to be a damn fine one Im telling you!

Nowadays most people want a silent heatsink/fan and good temperatures. You can have it quiet, but you will lose the nice temps. You can mix em up, and have a nice combo or you can just turn mad and buy the loudest and fastest fans around. Today no loud crap, well do it the silent and performing way. Is it possible? Well, youll find out in a minute. Im going to guide you trough the ActiveCool AC4G CPU cooler. Expect heatsinks, peltier elements, getto setups and a totaly crazy reviewer.

Do you have any comments on this article, or do you have questions? All goes in here. :)

jmke 15th December 2002 11:53

great work DURON :super:

would this HS fit on a Ti4600 ? ;)

DUR0N 15th December 2002 11:55

don't think so. The coldplate is 4 to 8 mm thin, so you need a giant drill to make holes in it. A drillpress would do the job I think ;D

Gamer 15th December 2002 11:56

nice job.

yzharis 15th December 2002 12:04

Nice job
only one mistake :-)
75 is not the correct price
incl transport it will turn around the 100

TeuS 15th December 2002 12:07

difference between 1st and 2nd graph?

DUR0N 15th December 2002 12:10

not overclocked - overclocked. read the text and the look at the graph :p

TeuS 15th December 2002 12:14

some ppl just look at the pics, the graphs and the conclusion

the graphs should say it all:p
and all those typo's dude :grin:

DUR0N 15th December 2002 12:31


The Senile Doctor 15th December 2002 12:32

mmmm, nice piece of equipment but as of yet, uninteresting for th Oc-ers.

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