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Massman 21st February 2009 19:54

8GHz project - Cascade
It has been some time now that we have this chip ready on the test bench, but only a few days ago, Blind has been able to pretest the Cedar Mill that should shoot Madshrimps beyond the 8GHz barrier. On Hwbot, you can already find the first preview of a cascadecooled, 1.7V run:

A quick overclocking scaling test using a Single Stage cooling unit, gave us this:

Impressive lineair scaling!

moy2010 21st May 2009 22:13

If you got such a linear scaling with a single stage, I can't wait to see the results with the cascade :D.

Nice work, massman.

Massman 21st May 2009 22:55

Kinda lost track of this thread :-).

The cascade has been attached to this cpu a while ago and Blind, who did the testing, reached this result:

This weekend, a new attempt, this time with LN2 :-)

Massman 22nd May 2009 17:24

I heard something about a big 8 just this afternoon ... :D

moy2010 22nd May 2009 17:37

Great :D, let's check out that beautiful number :woot:

Massman 22nd May 2009 17:47

Awaiting Blind's arrival at home ... then he'll post :)

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