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jmke 31st December 2007 16:07

Win 2Gb OCZ PC2-6400 FlexXLC Memory Kit
Win 2Gb OCZ PC2-6400 FlexXLC Memory Kit

Here’s our little new year present for our readers, with help of OCZ, we're giving away our 2Gb review kit of the OCZ PC2-6400 Flex XLC, and we're sending it out to any reader around the globe that is able to answer two questions and fulfill one condition.

1) First question :
Which memory kit had the best UMPR rating (avg CAS) in our P965 (summer) memory roundup, and which one in the 680i (autumn) memory roundup ?

2) Second question :
As of Friday 11th of January 2008, at 12pm, how many correct answers did we receive in our mailbox ?

Send your answers before Friday 11th, 12pm, to, and provide proof of registry at our forums. The winner will be the person that answered the first question correctly, and provides the closest answer to the second question. He or she will be announced on our Forum on Saturday 12th, and will receive the PC6400 Flex kit at the address provided.!

SAMSAMHA 31st December 2007 18:27

AWESOME STUFF, thanks a lot.

werty316 31st December 2007 20:13

Very sweet.


slugbug 1st January 2008 00:32

I'll give it a shot :)

Toxcity 1st January 2008 01:53

Sounds like fun!
I have given it a go.

Good luck everyone! :D

t_ski 1st January 2008 04:23

I'm in ;)

Edit: DOH! Like a moron I messed up my entry. What happens if we email more than once?

anonymous 1st January 2008 04:42

IhopeIwinIhopeIwinIhopeIwinIhopeIwin :D :banana:

zachig 1st January 2008 07:13

I'm definitely in! :D

Just sent my entry! :woot:

GOOD LUCK everyone!!! ;-)

CoolZoneAlex 1st January 2008 07:29

great contest!good luck to everyone!

thorgal 1st January 2008 08:02

A happy New Year to everyone :D

Keep going guys !

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