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Jay-Jay 19th January 2003 21:51

Weird folding WU
My daytotal kept on dropping day after day, and I'm even below 30 points a day now.
A little bit strange with more then 10 active folding rigs if you ask me :-)
The disadvantage is that almost none of those rigs are at my home, so I can't check what's wrong if necessary.
But today I passed by one of my folding rigs and it was working on a very strange WU
name: 1tsb/pd/h1tstxyz.
Progress: 200/6000
I mean, wtf? 6000?
I can't find anything about it, and it looks it will take about 2-3 weeks to finish this one.
The settings are set to preference Fah, so it can't be a WU from another project.

Anyone an explanation? And if this would be normal, will this one give me a zillion points or so afer finishing? ;-)

RichBa5tard 19th January 2003 22:00

I think you've got a gnome. You get points for it, but not for folding (but for gnome hitparade i think).

If you don't specify you only want to fold proteins, you're going to receive a gnome now and then.

Erik701 19th January 2003 22:01

same here. What to do about it ?

RichBa5tard 19th January 2003 22:02

rmb => configure

Jay-Jay 19th January 2003 22:16

But that option is set at that machine. That's what I find strange.
Or maybe with the server problems it chose a gnome, after retrying for a certain amount of time getting a fah?

Anyway, if it is a fah protein, with 6000 progress, would it be worth a lot? ;-)

Magnum_ 19th January 2003 22:33

with the console version, I experienced the same problem :) the option DOES solve the problem I think... :)

jmke 20th January 2003 01:03

if you fold a gnome protein with the FAH client you DO get credited for it and it will appear in your FAH stats


Gagagoegoe 20th January 2003 08:13

But if it takes 2 or 3 weeks, do you get more points for a gnome ???

jmke 20th January 2003 16:13

they are not worth it in my humble opinion

and since I'm participating in the F@H project I don't appreciate them sending genome work my way :/

Gagagoegoe 26th January 2003 13:27

Ok peeps , I folded 2 such genome's today ...
but, I only get 0.7 points for 1 scuh Genome ?? is this normal ???

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