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Bio-Hazard 19th July 2007 14:49

Great contest, count me in please.

Wrigleyvillain 19th July 2007 19:46

Nice prize!

Barracas 19th July 2007 20:46

ty count me in.

.devastatioN 19th July 2007 21:26

Cool, I'm in :) My first post here btw:) :)

Oc3an* 19th July 2007 21:59

nice psu ;-D
I would love to get one

sandwich45 19th July 2007 23:20

Great Prizes. Please count me in! :naughty:

Xploited Titan 19th July 2007 23:20


Originally Posted by jmke (Post 149553)
check your @gmail address:)

Cool, thx master :ws:

morrisk 19th July 2007 23:57

cool power supply
I hope I win the second :D

DepX 20th July 2007 01:03

Love the rss-feed, though seem never to have much time to visit the site, hence my first post here :).

Though having just lost my last PSU, I can always use another one...(thank god for spares...even if they're not mine).

Should also be thankful for LCD TV's and HDMi...cause my monitor also died this week...:weee:

pot 20th July 2007 11:50

My Entry
count me in, have been receiving the feed for awhile now so registered like suggested to enter. Heres my entry, good luck to all those who enter!

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