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jmke 2nd February 2005 09:11

Sunbeamtech Transformer Give-Away Contest
The innovative guys at Sunbeamtech have paired up with Madshrimps to present our readers with free give-away contest, all you need to do is answer a few simple questions about one of their latest ATX Cases: the Transformer. The winner will be picked from the correct entrees and will receive a brand new Transformer case at his doorstep.


1) Do screws require for PCI and AGP slot mountings?
2) What is the color of the provided 10cm CCFL light?
3) What is the size of exhaust fan?
4) Does Transformer provide "reset switch"?

Due to the weight and size of the price, this give-away is limited to US residents only; send your answers to with "Madshrimps give-away" in the subject line!

Good luck!

This give-away ends on 28th February 2005

usefull links:
- Sunbeamtech website
- Madshrimps Transformer Review

jort 3rd February 2005 22:59

mail send :)

Da_BoKa 4th February 2005 00:48

Re: Sunbeamtech Transformer Give-Away Contest

Originally posted by jmke
Due to the weight and size of the price, this give-away is limited to US residents only;

Sidney 4th February 2005 03:22

This case is much better than average in terms of cooling let alone the size fits for anything you can image. If I were the manufacturer I would be delighted to give away a few to anyone around the world. That is if they only knew. As such, a note to the manufacturer with your smart writing may change things around to your liking.:)

DESTINEAL 5th February 2005 09:28

what do you have to do to qualify? be registered on this forum?
do we need to put our shipping address in the e-mail or will they ask me for it after I win? :super:

jmke 5th February 2005 11:43

"what do you have to do to qualify?"
answer the 4 questions in the 1st post and send them to email; that's it:)

DESTINEAL 5th February 2005 12:17

Danke sehr!

SAMSAMHA 14th February 2005 09:16

JUST ENTERED, I hope I win:). thanks for the contest.

SAMSAMHA 14th February 2005 09:16

btw, I didn't put my forum handle, I hope that's fine as the thread didn't say it's required.

jmke 14th February 2005 09:41

it's not required, thanks for taking the time to respond here :)

good luck with the contest, Sunbeamtech will pick the winner near the end of the month!

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