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jmke 18th June 2002 00:04

Site downtime
As you might have noticed, the mainsite & forums were down during the evening (GMT+1)

this was caused by a malfunctioning MySQL server, since this site runs completely database-driven this caused alot of problems :(

everything seems ok now, and I hope it won't occur again often.

DJ-EviL 18th June 2002 18:05

donŽt worry :)
as long as iŽm sure this site isnŽt gone forever i will be happy :super:

jmke 22nd June 2002 00:58

everything is back up
till July, then we are moving to a faster server

custom avaters and attachments are br0ke for the moment
hopefully those tables will soon be restored by our Host


septimus 22nd June 2002 02:53

Thanx for the update jmke. I've been trying to connect to this web site for some time, I like the news posts here better :D

Best of luck with the server transfer :super:

Bosw8er 22nd June 2002 10:09

yippikayee !

thanks 4 teh restauration work :ws:

jmke 22nd June 2002 11:07

took some time, but I can't seeing this site down :(
Too much effort from all its members and visitors has been put into the site, to just let it go offline

the future is bright though, and we are not yet speaking about the new design :)

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