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Old 10th January 2005, 08:34   #21
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Thanks for the responses, nice to see not everyone thinks like that.

Dutch / french is no problem either. I can make the site auto-translate rather easily, just got to get my man to do the strings in dutch, I can do them in french too. If you want to translate to dutch (and it should be quite little and easy) you're more than welcome to

I'll get on that in the coming days for sure.
Old 10th January 2005, 08:39   #22
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now I understand why you use dutch, your french speaking ! (CP 1070)

I've read the reply of and I can understand why they would have a weird feeling giving prices to their competitors. On the other hand prices aren't a public secret.

I'm still willing to put effort into the project myself for my webshop however if I notice your shop would turn out best at any time (eg: price update from me would invoke an automatic price update of your prices I will stop any effort, but I think this is a normal reaction isn't it?
Old 10th January 2005, 08:52   #23
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JMke here, ex-co-operator of;

I don't know where you got the idea that
a) Boerteun has a webshop (he's student)
b) Prijswatch made money (we never got a dime for it)

just to clear things up. having a pricewatch site run by a shopowner can and will be looked upon with a distrusful eye, for sure! was an independant project, done by people who don't have anything to do with webshops, besides price collecting.
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Old 10th January 2005, 09:22   #24
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Then this is my mistake, I mentioned in my post, i thought he did, though i wasnt sure and frankly - i don't really find this important in any way. A developer is a developer, whether he works on the docks, is a student or has a computer shop.

As for prijswatch making money - that was exactly my point. Prijswatch never made a dime out of it. 2Compute people make it sound like there's a big profit i'm about to take out of this. It's quite the opposite, i invest not only time but also money (hosting, google ads etc).

My one and ONLY intention with this site is to put back something that is much missed - the free price engine that prijswatch was.

Should have prijswatch not closed doors, i would have never even thought of doing this.

But after one year of paying insane amounts to Kelkoo with close to 0 return of investment, prijswatch down, i thought it was about time something be done about it.

On the other side as you say, it may be regarded in a way beause it's me doing it, but hey, somebody's gotta do something for the good of all, no ? I would think this should regarded as a good deed and not as it seems to be by certain individuals.

I don't see how I can prove the good will of this initiative more than giving pretty much full administrative rights to every shop owner. There's NOTHING literally NOTHING more I can do with my account then anyone else can. I can just post prices and use the bot for auto-updates. That's it. Point finale.

I would love to see you guys more as co-owners rather than anything else. This is our website, why not make a good use of it ? It's success depends on us - shop owners. End users only come when they have something to see, and when there is - then they'll redirect to your shops because only does redirections and comparisons.


Titus wrote:
I'm still willing to put effort into the project myself for my webshop however if I notice your shop would turn out best at any time (eg: price update from me would invoke an automatic price update of your prices I will stop any effort, but I think this is a normal reaction isn't it?


Forget my webshop, this is not about me, this is about all of us. My shop is no different than any other. I see no point in associating 2 different projects under the same umbrella.

This is indeed normal reaction but what difference was it with prijswatch ? It's the nature of comparison engines - encourage competition and attract customers.

Think big. Think what we can do to make it attractive, to make people come back, to attract more customers ourselves. Post webshops promotions on the main page ? Use some sort of consolidated mail list ? I dont know - just give suggestions, i'm willing to put time in development (whenever I have some left besides family, daytime job, webshop and god knows what else).

Yes, i've been frustrated myself too not once when I put my price as low as I can on prijswatch and I see another shop beat me with a dime or a euro just one hour later. That didn't mean to me the that prijswatch was evil. Besides, most shops specialize in their own areas, there are thousands of items that people are looking for, there's no one stop shop that can offer everything.

This is more complementing each other than the opposite. I like to think of competition as friends or as a drive to get better rather than somebody who wants to step on my head and screw me.

As for associations of pricetracker - i can reassure you this is only psychological. And if this would make people feel better, I dont care about changing the domain name to not mention my shop. This is pure administrative because I use the same hosting company and they took my credentials per default. I can always ask them to remove them, may be then this will be regarded otherwise ? (beats me though)
Old 13th January 2005, 08:46   #25
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Come on guys, give it a go, you have nothing to lose in this.
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