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jmke 20th October 2008 16:27

NZXT Avatar Mouse Giveaway
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NZXT Avatar Mouse Giveaway

In cooperation with NZXT we are able to give an enthusiast and/or gamer out there an upgrade of his PC rodent. The NZXT Avatar has 2600 DPI Optical Sensor which provides maximum sensitivity and responsiveness which yields unparalleled gaming accuracy. LED DPI indicator gives the user improved usage and feedback. 5.8 Mega Pixels/second with a max frame rate of 6469 ensures smooth fragging and accurate sniping. 4 Speed DPI switch enables you to go from slow sniper movement to quick attack movement in a matter of seconds.

All you need to do to make a chance to make win this high performance PC rodent is:
- Live in USA/Canada
- Register at the forums
- Post at least 5 non-spam posts in the forums and at least 1 in this thread

The winner will be drawn by an innocent hand from all the participants, the contest is over at the end of the month October!

Elijah86 20th October 2008 21:24

So I have to post in this thread? I hope this works since there is no other reply's. Maybe I'm the only one who knows of this sweet contest! If i do win I will spread the NZXT love everywhere!

Kougar 20th October 2008 22:38

I guess I'll toss my name in since I'm already active here. :P

I tend to be picky on peripherals, but doesn't look like a bad mouse so count me in. :)

slugbug 21st October 2008 04:06

I guess I could use a new rodent :)

t_ski 21st October 2008 04:09

Hey, I got it on the first page for once ;)

werty316 21st October 2008 04:47

Count me in.

Bio-Hazard 21st October 2008 17:04

Boy it's been a long time since my last visit................:(

But I'm back around these days and would sure like to win that mouse...............;)

A Desire to Game 29th October 2008 02:38

That may be one of the sexiest optical devices I have ever seen!

Angel Blue01 30th October 2008 20:17

Hi there. I just found this forum a couple of days ago, so I registered. And now I find this giveaway... I'll certainly be sticking around. :)

wearebrights 31st October 2008 19:48

I need it. :)

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