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medic583 14th February 2008 18:29

Newsfeed - Barage of Advertising introduced?
Is it just me, or did the newsfeeds just get a TON of advertising put into them?

I checked back to the last one (feb 12)... no ads... todays'... an ad between every single news article (very distracting to say the least).

Was lovin' the feeds... unsubscribed today.

I know it was most likely done to help run the site... but wow... it was like overload on the first one :)

Anyhow... just to let ya know... don't post much, but read all the newsfeeds.... each and every one.... until today.

jmke 14th February 2008 22:13

hey there, the news feed settings hasn't changed for more than 12 months now, it's always been like that:/

medic583 15th February 2008 00:20

no kiddin?

The one I got today had a banner under every single news item... but just checked... the rest haven't....

Hmmm... wonder if the banners were blocked before somehow (?).

K... must just be a setting that's changed this week on my computer... will try and figure it out and resubscribe again (by the way... only computer related newsfeed I have... it rocked :) ).

jmke 15th February 2008 08:20

Haven't touched banner settings for the feed since last year!

the banner ads appear sporadically in the feeds, they don't make much, but help :)

jmke 18th April 2008 22:03

Podcast version of the webnews:)

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