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jmke 9th June 2006 11:03

new reply email notification 1
For those who subscribe to certain threads, I will be interesting to know that I've done a small modification to include the message that is posted in the email (much like you get with vB3)

that way you immediately see the message that is posted

here's an example I tried:

Hello jmke,

test has just replied to a thread you have subscribed to entitled - Piotr is blogging - in the Off-Topic Hangout forum of Forum Madness @ Madshrimps.

~~~~~~~~~~~~ message posted ~~~~~~~~~~~~
In Q1 of 2006, AMD-based systems accounted for over $1 billion, or one sixth of the x86 server space. The Opteron grew from a 6% market share to 15% market share in the astonishingly short period of only one year. In four socket servers, the Opteron grabbed 48% of the US market, up from 23% last year. What's more, this is not a "US only" phenomenon: the Opteron has a firm grip on 36% of the worldwide four socket market. Bear in mind that less than 4 years ago, AMD was nothing more than a blip on the server CPU radar.

Sun, which was getting strangled by the high volume Intel Xeon and the mighty Itanium, has also made a big comeback. An attractive UltraSparc IV+ with a fast, integrated L2 cache and massive L3 cache keeps the traditional Sparc buyers loyal, while the well-designed Galaxy Opteron based servers are pretty popular and the UltraSparc T1 "throughput CPU" attacks the midrange x86 market.

It's high time for Intel to find a proper response, as the competition is taking the wind out of Intel's server CPU sails. What's the answer? A Xeon based on the Core architecture: Woodcrest. We compared the Core and K8 architectures just a month ago. Memory disambiguation, large OOO buffers and a large but low latency shared L2 cache should make the Core architecture more efficient in server related tasks than any other x86 CPU.

This article compares a Woodcrest based Intel server with its closest rivals: AMD Opteron based servers such as the HP DL385 and MSI K2-102A2M and the UltraSparc T1 based Sun T2000 server.
~~~~~~~~~~~~ end of message ~~~~~~~~~~~~

To view the thread visit:

piotke 9th June 2006 13:28

Very good !

Like it.

jmke 9th June 2006 13:33

it's wasn't that hard either;) I've also (again?) removed all [Acronym=yellow]redirect pages[/Acronym], so no intermediate "post edited, thread post, reply posted" messages and after a new reply you are now correctly forwarded to your post

[box=yellow]a yellow box with text[/box]

[box=blue]a blue box with text[/box]

test 9th June 2006 14:57

this is only a test -- yes

jmke 9th June 2006 15:05

Quick-Edit added, no need to reload the thread, you just click the small radio button and you are good to go! :)

working nicely :)

piotke 10th June 2006 13:56


jmke 10th June 2006 15:23

now use a resolution which is not from the stone ages :)

jmke 10th June 2006 15:26


jort 10th June 2006 16:00

laptop only supports 1024 :(

so forum looks wierd too :) previous was better.

jmke 10th June 2006 16:03

most used feature is webnew forum & "new posts" link; main forum page is not as used as you might think:)

it's not perfect, not claiming it to be either; it's a WIP as usual, but working nonetheless:)

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