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JNav89GT 18th August 2004 16:31

New to forum, Hope to help out!
Heya! New to forum, but will be providing information and possibly reviews in the coming months. Liquid3d has agreed to help me get my pen to paper, and earn a few stripes possibly writing hardware reviews. Mainly, I frequent xtremesystems/xtremeresources forums. [H]ardforums have turned into romper room so I rarely go there anymore. Well, that's it for now, but look forward to helping out where I can :)

RichBa5tard 18th August 2004 16:49

Welcome aboard! :hello:

Did you mail jmke yet to become a part of the crew?

JNav89GT 18th August 2004 17:01

I have not as of yet. I believe Liquid3d will be doing so.

jmke 18th August 2004 17:21

well, I'm looking forward to your writing :)

welcome to the forums :hello:

JNav89GT 18th August 2004 17:31

ty jmke. Not sure if Liquid3d has contacted you or not. First article probably in 1.5-2wks. Will compare OCZ 3500EB and new PC4000Gold Rev2 on Socket 939 Asus/FX53 combo. Looking for max performance with stock type voltages and also with 3.0+vdimm. I would like to include PC3700EB, PC3200EB, or PC3700Gold Rev3 but don't have those kits. I have 1-512mb dimm of OCZ PC3200EB I may review on a 754 setup at a later date, but would need a matching dimm to cover that in my 939 shootout. Also, will be comparing the OCZ's to some Mushkin PC3500Level II 2x512mb kits for BH-5 vs newer rams and finding my max performance experiences. Hopefully, I can begin to establish relationships with manufacturers to I can open up testing to products I don't have to purchase myself, as this gets to be quite an expensive endevour :O

I am in market for another 939 board at this time. If rev 2.0 A8V is available I may purchase this. I am also very impatiently waiting for the DFI 939 board.

I could provide a review on the Antec P-160WF case. I topped a Vapo LS with this case and LOVE it.

You can lmk if there is anything in particular you need coverage on. Also, I am not trying to step on any toes here, so if I'm offending anyone EVER, Please let me know.
thanks :)

jmke 18th August 2004 17:43

JNav, those shootout looks great! Liquid3D has not contacted me (yet) but that doesn't stop me from appreciating the fact you consider to join our [M]ad crew :)

looking forward to your first rev.!

JNav89GT 18th August 2004 18:22

I appreciate the warm reception and a place to post my [M]ad scientist findings :p

Sidney 18th August 2004 18:32

Hi there; I'm sitting right here in IL, the beautiful city of Lake Zurich.

Dont' worry; I have no toes.;)

Liquid3D 18th August 2004 19:41

JMKE I just sent you two emaills. Yes JNav69GT seems like a really stand-up person. At first I got a little confused because I misread the post, and thought it read, "Keith (Liquid3D) said I'm the new Reviewer....." I got nervous, as I'm just a tiny electron swirling around the nucleus that is [M]


I see your simply taking the incentive to introduce yourself, and reiterate what we did discuss. I think JNav69GT would bring some valuable experience to the community. Which by the way I need to get more involved in myself. (I'll kick myself harder)

He's very experienced with electronics in general, and his systems reflect that of a true Overclocker. We met through my offering some hardware for trade. he will soon be the proud owner of myA64 3400 CAAOC (which I couldn't master). I was impressed he was a very fair trader, and didn't try to take advantage of my kindess in any way. After all there are some over here in the USA whom are always looking to get the best deal, and sometimes pretend to be your best friend in the process. JNav was simply honest, and straight to the point.

I can say one thing, he definately knows his hardware! he's got some seious rigs! Welcome to the [M] comunity, I've found a really great bunch of people here. And to be completely honest many good things seem to originate from Belgium! There must be like "smart molecules" in the water or something?


Bosw8er 18th August 2004 20:20

Welcome to the madness :hello:

Your avatar reminds me we should in include a new item in our next give-away : one hour of free quality undisturbed privacy time with Bonny, madshrimps cutest sheep in the stable.

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