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FireTech 28th July 2006 09:05

Main Forum Page
Is it just my browser (FF) or is the Latest Hardware News right-hand sidebar meant to be in Times New Roman (or similar boring font)?

the maniak 28th July 2006 11:19

the navigate this forum thingie on top of the threads is also in the same (boring) lettertype

jmke 28th July 2006 11:28

I think I updated it, can you verify?

FireTech 28th July 2006 11:43

Still the same here on the latest version of FF Same in IE too.

jmke 28th July 2006 12:09

alrighty, it's changed now!

RichBa5tard 28th July 2006 14:03

I told you so but you wouldn't believe me. :P

It's fixed now, thanks.

jmke 28th July 2006 14:47

I never I didn't believe you, rather that I hardly noticed it :p

FireTech 28th July 2006 21:41

Cheers jmke, much less 'olde worlde' looking :)

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