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RichBa5tard 27th March 2010 17:28

madshrimps rss feed
Is there only the aggregate news feed, or is there also a news feed for madshrimps articles only?

I'd like to follow madshrimps articles, but I don't need the other news. :)

jmke 27th March 2010 17:57

filter titles that start with "[M]" :-)

RichBa5tard 27th March 2010 18:15

Do you mean as feedburner parameter (how?), or just check them manually?

jmke 27th March 2010 18:52

don't know how you will parse them; but I suppose you will "post" them to your database, in that select do a filter on titles starting with [M] ?

these guys do it via feedburner, they filter on [M] and remove the [M] when posting:

stellamary 5th April 2010 10:40

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