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jmke 3rd June 2002 22:53

Madshrimps ForumMadness! Hardware Give-Away

GF3 Ti200 Give-Away


* Crystal Orb
* Vmem and Vcore mods
* TV-Out module

Runner-Up's price: Volcano 6cu+

How to participate:
- register on forums
- post 1 / ONE / UNO reply in this thread
- being "active" on the forums for min. 1 week, more = better
- winner will be selected on content of posts/quality of posts
- spamming = ban
- # posts don't count

The Contest will run until the end of June 2002

LoPeZ 3rd June 2002 23:40

Sup Figured Id give her a shot. One question about contest, your judged by quality of all post's from now till the end of June? Right?

jmke 3rd June 2002 23:43

Hi Lopez, welcome to the forums,

about your question ->

indeed, quality over quantity :)
thanks for taking the time to sign up!

jakkerd 3rd June 2002 23:57

sign me up, let's give it a shot.

OPPAINTER 4th June 2002 00:11

Allrighty then, let the Games begin. Write me down for one Quality Post Please:)


OPPAINTER 4th June 2002 00:13


I need my tux aviator, I feel naked with out it.:D


jmke 4th June 2002 00:45

what a service, what a service ;)

Jay-Jay 4th June 2002 00:56

I can be bribed with beer, lotsa beer ;-)

jmke 4th June 2002 00:56


Originally posted by Jay-Jay
I can be bribed with beer, lotsa beer ;-)
mentioning that you are part of the jury could help :^D

OPPAINTER 4th June 2002 01:00


Originally posted by jmke
what a service, what a service ;)
Howed you do that?? Very nice, thanks!!
I tell you, you foreigners are just the best:D

That should get me a couple more Quality points;)


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